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Automotive Suppliers

Our Automotive Cluster

Automotive Cluster

  • Recent Successes in Lewisburg:
    • Multimatic, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, announced on August 27, 2015, its site selection of Lewisburg for a 181 job, $20 million, automotive supplier facility which will manufacture instrument panel structures, rocker braces, and upper and lower tie bar supports.
    • Meiwa Industry, headquartered in Atsugi, Japan, announced on June 5, 2013, its site selection of Lewisburg for a 98 job, $6.1 million, automotive components supplier facility.
  • Calsonic Kansei of North American produces Interior and Exterior Automotive Parts in Lewisburg employing 1,100 people in our city
  • Nichirin manufactures brakes, A/C and Steering Hoses in Lewisburg employing 250
  • Our 9-county labor shed features more workers in the following automotive related sectors than the average US labor shed:
    • 19 times more employees in Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing than the US average
    • 14 times more employees in Automobile Manufacturing than the US average
    • 5 times more employees in Motor Vehicle Seating and Interior Trim Manufacturing than the US average
    • 5 times more employees in Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components (except Spring) than the US average
    • 4 times more employees in Other Vehicle Motor Parts Manufacturing than the US average
    • 3 times more employees in Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing than the US average
    • 3 times more employees in Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading) than the US average
  • Since 2011 employees in the following automotive supplier sectors have grown in our 9-county labor shed:
    • 375% growth in Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing since 2011
    • 218% growth in Motor Vehicle Steering and Suspension Components since 2011
    • 197% growth in Motor Vehicle Seating and Interior Trim Manufacturing since 2011
    • 93% growth in Mother Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing since 2011
    • 48% growth in Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing since 2011
    • 27% growth in Automobile Manufacturing since 2011

Top State in Automotive Manufacturing

  • Tennessee has been Business Facilities magazine’s top state in automotive manufacturing strength for 4 of the past 5 years

Proximity to OEMs

Proximity to OEMs

  • 15 automotive plants are located within 300 miles of Lewisburg
    • Within 50 miles:
      • 22 miles General Motors - Spring Hill, Tennessee
      • 40 miles Nissan - Smyrna, Tennessee
    • Within 100 miles:
      • 88 miles Volkswagen- Chattanooga, Tennessee
    • Within 200 miles:
      • 106 miles General Motors - Bowling Green, Kentucky
      • 139 miles Toyota - Blue Springs, Mississippi
      • 133 miles Honda - Lincoln, Alabama
      • 159 miles Mercedes Benz - Vance, Alabama
      • 200 miles: Kia - West Point, Georgia
    • Within 300 miles:
      • 202 miles Ford - Louisville, Kentucky
      • 206 miles: Toyota - Princeton, Indiana
      • 215 miles Hyundai - Montgomery, Alabama
      • 227 miles Toyota - Georgetown, Kentucky
      • 270 miles Nissan - Canton, Mississippi
      • 277 miles: BMW - Spartanburg, South Carolina
      • 278 miles: Honda - Greensburg, Indiana

  • Skilled Labor

    • Under 100 employees in Lewisburg are a member of a union
    • Tennessee is a Right-To-Work state
    • The following numbers of skilled people work in our 9-county labor shed:
      • 18,261 Team Assemblers
      • 1,954 Welders
      • 1,742 Diesel Engine Specialists
      • 1,578 Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Operators
      • 1,508 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers
      • 1,493 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
      • 1,192 Machinists
      • 1,077 Industrial Production Managers
      • 1,020 Sheet Metal Workers
      • 855 Assemblers and Fabricators
      • 706 Tool and Die Makers
      • 654 CNC Machine Operators
      • 604 Logisticians
      • 593 Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
      • 506 Coating, Painting, and Spray Machine Operators
      • 485 Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Operators
      • 360 Multiple Machine Tool Operators
      • 305 Extruding Machine Operators
      • 300 Engine and Other Machine Assemblers
      • 210 Rolling Machine Operators
      • 197 Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing Machine Operators
      • 164 Lathe and Turning Machine Operators
      • 122 Millwrights
      • 106 Metal Refining Furnace Operators
      • 104 Forging Machine Operators
      • 100 Heat Treating Equipment Operators
      • 89 Milling and Planing Machine Operators
      • 87 Plating and Coating Machine Operators
      • 86 Drilling and Boring Machine Operators


    Engineering Talent:

    • Engineering Talent (our 9-county labor shed is home to the following numbers of engineers):
      • 1,892 Industrial Engineers
      • 1,694 Civil Engineers
      • 895 Mechanical Engineers
      • 492 Electrical Engineers
      • 406 Electronics Engineers, Except Computer
      • 278 Computer Hardware Engineers
      • 234 Environmental Engineers
      • 165 Health and Safety Engineers
      • 112 Materials Engineers

    Interstate Access

    • Lewisburg located on Interstate 65 and have 4 times more General Freight Trucking companies than the US average.

    Interstate Access

    Electric PowerElectric Power

    • We are served by the Lewisburg Electric System which is a distributor for TVA. TVA has been ranked a Top 10 North American utility for leadership in economic development by Site Selection magazine for nine consecutive years.
    • TVA has a diverse power mix with 11 coal-powered plants, 29 hydroelectric dams, three nuclear power plants (with six operating reactors), nine simple cycle natural gas plants, and five combined cycle gas plants.

    TrainingFree Community or Technical College Training for all Tennesseans - Tennessee Promise

    • The Tennessee Promise provides free tuition through Columbia State Community College for either a degree or certificate program for graduating high schoolers.
    • Columbia State features degree and certificate programs in Advanced Integrated Industrial Technology. Click here to view the curriculum for the degree program:


    • Lewisburg is positioned in close proximity to several world renowned universities which offer programs relevant to the automotive supplier sector:
      • Vanderbilt University (located 49 miles from Lewisburg) is one of the nation’s most respected private research universities.
        • The Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks Vanderbilt as the 49th best university in the entire world.
        • Vanderbilt features Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, and Materials Science all of which support the automotive suppliers sector.
      • Middle Tennessee State University (located 35 miles from Lewisburg) with over 22,000 students features Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Technology programs.
      • The University of Tennessee is part of the Automotive Research Alliance between these 7 universities: Auburn, Clemson, Mississippi State, Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama at Birmingham, Kentucky, and Tennessee

    K-12 Public Schools

    • The Marshall County School System serves approximately 5,400 enrolled students from K-12 per year.
    • Our system ranks in the top 75% of all school districts in Tennessee by www.schooldigger.com.
    • In 2014, our students performed better than the state average in testing in the following areas:
      • 9% better in English I
      • 8% better in Algebra II
      • 7% better in Algebra I
      • 4% better in Biology I
      • 2% better in US History

    Air Access

    Carriers That Serve Nashville International Airport

    • The Nashville International Airport, located 49 miles from Lewisburg, is served by 13 carriers with more than 410 average daily arriving and departing flights with non-stop service to 57 airports. The following carriers serve the airport:
      • Air Canada
      • Alaska Airlines
      • American Airlines
      • American Eagle
      • Boutique Air
      • Delta Air Lines
      • Delta Connection
      • Frontier Airlines
      • JetBlue Airways
      • OneJet
      • Southwest Airlines
      • United Airlines
      • United Express
    • Non-stop service is provided to and from the following airports through Nashville:

      Lewisburg Website Non Stop Air Service

    Taxes/Business Climate

    • There are no personal income taxes on wages and salaries in Tennessee.
    • The state Corporate Income Tax rate in Tennessee is 6.5%.
    • According to The Tax Foundation, Tennessee has the lowest state debt per capita in the country, meaning we will have sustainable, low taxes for the foreseeable future.
    • In 2015, Tennessee was named the “Fourth Best State in the Country for Business” by Chief Executive magazine.

    Available Buildings and Sites

    Support Services

    • The following companies are located in our 9-county labor shed which can provide support to automotive suppliers:
      • 43 Machine Shops
      • 25 Special Die and Tool Manufacturing
      • 12 Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring
      • 10 Plate Work Manufacturing
      • 5 Machine Tool Manufacturing
      • 4 Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing
      • 4 Nonferrous Metal Die-Casting Foundries
      • 4 Iron and Steel Forging
      • 4 Metal Heat Treating
      • 4 Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing
      • 3 Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing
      • 2 Secondary Smelting and Alloying of Aluminum
      • 2 Industrial Mold Manufacturing
      • 1 Alumina Refining and Primary Aluminum Production
      • 1 Iron Foundry
      • 1 Spring Manufacturing
      • 1 Aluminum Foundry (except Die-Casting)


    • Click here to view Lewisburg’s incentives programs:
    • Click here to view the State of Tennessee’s incentives programs:

    City of Lewisburg, TN

    Lewisburg is a beautiful small town nestled in the hills of Southern Middle Tennessee providing arts and outdoors, access and affordability. It’s a great place to WORK - job growth rate of 3+%; PLAY - parks and recreation system that meets or exceeds national standards in almost every category; LIVE - cost of living index 20% below the national average; and LEARN - school system ranked "exemplary" by the State of Tennessee.

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