Public Works

Branden Davidson


The City of Lewisburg Public Works Department provides a number of services to the citizens of Lewisburg. Those services include but are not limited to:

Brush and Debris

  • Pick up and maintain brush, leaf and related debris citywide
  • Cut and trim limbs on all rights-of-way
  • Litter pick-up
  • Sweep and maintain city square

Construction and Repair

  • Built and maintain two (2) concession stands
  • Built and maintain restrooms at Soccer and Baseball Fields
  • Remodeled and maintain Historic 1st Avenue Building (Ladies’ Restroom) and the Lewisburg Recreation Center

Maintenance Shop

  • Fix and repair city vehicles, mowers and all motor-powered equipment

Special Events

  • Set up, tear down and maintain all special events for the City of Lewisburg
  • Remove refuse for all special events for the City of Lewisburg
  • Block off roads for all special events for the City of Lewisburg
  • Provide pre-work, construction, etc. for events at Rock Creek Park including the Goats, Music and More Festival

Street Repair

  • Clean out and replace culverts
  • Build curbs, driveway aprons, catch basins and any general concrete work
  • Fix potholes and roadways
  • Make all signs

Weed Control

  • Maintain 140 miles of rights-of-way by weed-eating and bush-hogging
  • Maintain and mow two (2) industrial parks
  • Maintain and mow vacant city-owned lots
  • Maintain and mow Columbia State Community College – Lewisburg campus
  • Maintain and mow eight (8) cemeteries
  • Maintain and mow eight (8) city parks
  • Maintain and mow Greenway, Rock Creek banks and New Lake banks
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