Canine (K9) Unit

The Lewisburg Police Department Canine (K9) Unit is assigned to the Field Services Division and participates in both routine patrol and special operations. Our dogs are imported from Europe and have had extensive training in the areas of handler protection, suspect apprehension, building and area searches, evidence searches, tracking in both urban and rural environments, obedience, narcotic detection, and public relation demonstrations. They are certified yearly in Patrol and Narcotics work.

Lewisburg PD K9 Patch

Safety Around Our Canines

If you happen upon one of our K9 cars, they are distinctively marked with “K-9 Unit” on both sides and “POLICE DOG KEEP BACK” on rear window. Do not stare into the windows or touch the patrol car. The police dogs consider these cars their homes and can be protective. They have been trained to bark when someone approaches the car. As with any dog you see, NEVER approach or try to pet the dog without first asking permission from the handler. Our dogs are sociable and friendly and enjoy meeting new friends, but are working dogs, not pets. The handler needs to tell them when they are allowed to relax and be petted.

Police Department Contact Information

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