Ellington Airport is managed by Kent Stewmon who also owns and operates Stewmon Aircraft, a full service FBO. The airport has just finished a widening project that results in a 5002 ft X 100 ft runway with new LED pilot controlled runway lighting. The terminal building has been remodeled for a more modern look and service that incorporates a pilot planning room, snack room, and a conference room that is available for business meetings. We strive to make your stop as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The Ellington Airport began as a dream of Mayor Preston Hopkins and other civic leaders in the City of Lewisburg in 1959. Through the efforts and financing of the cities of Cornersville, Chapel Hill and Lewisburg and Marshall County and the State of Tennessee a site was selected on Highway 431 North, property was purchased and the airport was built resulting in a runway 4000 feet long and 75 feet wide with a 100′ X 100′ hangar with office space and a small ramp. It was grand opened in May of 1962. Since then the facility has grown with a 5000′ runway extension, full length taxiway, two ramp extensions, 46 T hangars, another 100′ X 100′ hangar, medium intensity lighting, and satellite instrument approaches for both ends of the runway. This facility now sports:

  • 5002′ X 100′ paved runway.
  • 5200′ X 40′ full length taxiway.
  • Pilot controlled lighting which runs all night.
  • Aviation 100oct LL gasoline; Jet A jet fuel.
  • Pavement support for aircraft weighing 43,000 pounds.
  • Over 100,00 square feet of ramp space.
  • Aircraft maintenance.
  • Aircraft rental.
  • Aircraft Charter.
  • Aircraft training.
  • Catering.
  • Ice.
  • GPS WAAS instrument approach to RWY 20 (MDA 295′ above ground & 1 mile Visibility)
  • GPS approach to Runway 2.
  • Modern brick terminal building.
  • T hangar storage for 46 aircraft.
  • 10 tie down storage spaces.
  • FBO Stewmon Aircraft.

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