Gymnasium / Indoor Walking Track

Lewisburg Recreation Center Basketball Court
The gymnasium has 2 Basketball Courts with a 1/12 mile elevated Walking Track above. Just outside of the gymnasium is a Pro-Shop/Snack Bar, which accommodates both the gym participants as well as golfers who are taking advantage of the Ewell Butler Golf Course.

Rules & Policies

  • Hours of operation and gymnasium schedules will be followed unless otherwise posted or verbalized by staff.
  • Respect will be given to all LRC Staff and Patrons alike
  • Proper athletic attire and athletic shoes must be worn at all times (minimal; gym shoes, shorts and a shirt)
  • No Sagging of shorts or pants
  • No abusive language, profane gestures or slang terms for profanity
  • No fighting, or horseplay of any kind will be tolerated
  • No dunking or hanging on the rims
  • Keep all doors closed. Only use “Emergency Exits” in case of an emergency
  • Return all borrowed equipment to recreation desk, ball racks or proper storage area after use
  • Clean up any and all messes that are made
  • Headphones must be worn with all musical devices

See General Policies for additional policies.

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