Evidence & Property

The Evidence and Property Storage Section has the responsibility of receiving, storing, releasing and maintaining security for the vast majority of all criminal evidence, stolen and found property, which is recovered in the City of Lewisburg.

The effective investigation and prosecution of a criminal offender relies heavily on the careful, methodical and proper use of evidence.

It is the responsibility of the Evidence and Property Clerk to maintain not only the integrity of each item of evidence but the integrity of its Chain of Custody as well.

The careful safeguards in place ensure all property coming into their possession is processed in accordance with state laws, city ordinances and departmental policies and procedures, and helps ensure the items value later in court.

Vehicle Impound

The Vehicle Impound Section is part of the Evidence and Property Section. Vehicle Impound is responsible for providing and maintaining a storage facility for vehicles confiscated and/or impounded within the scope of police authority until they are disposed of according to law.

When making an inquiry, please have either the license plate number, vehicle identification number, Vehicle Towing Report Number and/or incident/complaint number available to expedite obtaining information on an impounded vehicle.

How do I retrieve my personal property?

Call or Email first to make sure we have your property before making the trip to our department. Some of the property turned in will need a release by the officer/case detective before given back to the owner. If you have a complaint/case number, date of arrest, date of theft, and/or other pertinent information with the case, this information will help us to locate the property when calling/emailing to locate your property in our computer system.

Property is released by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call (931) 359-3800 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Immediate pick up of items may not be available.

How do I retrieve my firearm?

Property FAQ

With the exception of found property no seized property or property taken as evidence will be released without an order from the court.

To pick up property a photo ID and a release from the officer/detective (if needed) and/or a disposition from the court is required. No person other than the property owner may pick up property unless the owner sends us a notarized letter stating specifically who can pick up their property.

All forfeited/seized vehicles and miscellaneous property auctions are held online at govdeals.com

Police Department Contact Information

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