Locker Rooms

Rules & Policies

  • Secure all items in a locker with a lock
  • The LRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Lockers are free for day use. Items left in lockers overnight may be removed and donated to charity. Locker rental is available at the front desk
  • Be considerate of others
  • Use of any electronic device with camera capabilities, are prohibited in the locker rooms.
  • Please remain properly covered while in public areas of the locker room
  • The LRC prohibits any inappropriate behavior. Please report any such behavior to a staff person
  • Children 6 years and older must use gender appropriate locker rooms. Please follow all posted age restrictions
  • Failure to follow these rules and guidelines could result in suspension or termination of your membership
  • Dry off before leaving the locker room

See General Policies for additional policies.

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